Virgin Blogger

So this is my first post….I’m hoping that no one reads this so in the end I will not be held accountable for anything I write in it…I was inspired to write this when seeing a childhood friend start her weight loss journey and blog about it, which by the way is hilarious…and I’m only 1 blog post in(which I’m sure there is some techie term for that I just don’t know yet) and I can’t even tag her cuz again I don’t even know how to . (I don’t even know if I did that right?)  I don’t know what the point of this blog is. I actually had to ask co-worker how to blog – and “hopefully there is an app where I can see all the blogs I want to follow” I felt like my Granny….and lets be honest – I only follow 2 people (the above and Carly – she’s funny and offside and all kinds of awesome ….if it’s funny – I’m in…inspiring…meh I could care less. I sit at my desk at work, starting to feel the effects of my 30 min run followed by a workout that I did YESTERDAY….I thought it took 2 days to start feeling sore – tomorrow is gonna suck. I am also listening to my coworker judge me on drinking Rockstars – stating my urine would be expensive – as tho someone would pay to drink it….he wasn’t willing to tho. I sit and think – should I document me getting back into soccer shape??  Should I talk about my kids?? I don’t know – I’m just gonna write stuff – or maybe I won’t – this could be the beginning of something great or the mmmBop of Hanson’s career! Time will tell!